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Kevin Schneider
Chairman, Board of Directors
Managing Partner
Phone: 985.690.8200kevinschneider

Building on a career of entrepreneurship in healthcare, Kevin Schneider led the development of Paradigm Health System in 2012 and has been at the helm as President from the beginning. As the only non-physician in the partnership, Schneider attributes Paradigm’s expeditious success to the harmonious melding of physician and business talents as well as the entire group’s singular dedication to providing quality patient care for the region.

Paradigm Health System is a unique, multi-disciplinary organization of collaborative specialists that provide care in neurology, orthopedics, interventional pain, spine, podiatry and radiology, backed by an array of state-of- the-art diagnostic and comprehensive treatment centers. The integration provides optimal diagnosis and fast-track treatment.

Under Schneider’s direction, the system has created a business model that allows private-practice-minded physicians to deliver patient-centric medicine without sacrificing their fulfillment and security. Their success has made Paradigm Health System the largest physician-owned medical practice on the Northshore.

Schneider also serves as Sterling Surgical Hospital’s Chairman of the Board and Managing Partner of the Hospital’s professional management company, Novation Health. The members of Paradigm Health System launched Sterling Surgical Hospital in 2013 to accommodate the state-of- the-art surgical needs of Paradigm physicians and other local doctors. Sterling Surgical Hospital offers patients a premier, white-glove, concierge experience that more closely resembles a boutique hotel than a hospital.

Schneider identifies Paradigm as a system innovating to be a game-changer in healthcare as we know it today. Between common diagnosis inaccuracies and lumbering treatment applications, many patients’ lives are interrupted and pain prolonged by delays and inadequacies. The Paradigm model of care mitigates the inherent shortcomings. It provides a unique opportunity to ensure accurate diagnosis followed by expeditious high quality treatment so patients can more rapidly enjoy the restoration of health and well-being.

At Paradigm Health System Schneider plays many roles, but sees his end goal as ultimately one thing: happy people. That includes his partners, the company’s employees, the patients they treat and the patients’ families.