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What to Expect

On Exam Day

Before Your MRI
You may eat normally on the day your MRI is scheduled, and you may continue to take any medications prescribed by your physician.

When you arrive at Paradigm Imaging you will be asked to fill out some general paperwork (download) and show your insurance card.  As such, we request that patients arrive 30 minutes PRIOR to their scheduled appointment so all screening and patient history paperwork can be completed. You will also be asked to remove all metal objects. 

Items that need to be removed by patients before entering the MRI system room include:

1.  Purse, wallet, money clip, credit cards, cards with magnetic strips
2.  Electronic devices such as beepers or cell phones
3.  Hearing aids
4.  Metal jewelry, watches
5.  Pens, paper clips, keys, coins
6.  Hair barrettes, hairpins
7.  Any article of clothing that has a metal zipper, buttons, snaps, hooks
8.  Shoes, belt buckles, safety pins
9.  Bras with metal underwire

Since the MRI will erase information on bank cards and credit cards, you should put them into the locker as well. Wear comfortable clothing with no metal zippers or buttons. Do not wear makeup, as some products may contain metallic particles.

You will be asked if you have any of the following:

For Your Comfort
Paradigm Imaging’s 1.5 Tesla GE Signa MRI is a comfortable and efficient scanner. You lie flat on the patient table which slides smoothly into the scanner. For additional comfort, pillows and blankets are available.

Perfect Pictures
Your technologist will direct the testing from a room where there are several monitor screens that instantaneously show the precise areas your physician has requested to know more about.

The testing can take between 30 and 90 minutes. You may bring someone along to sit with you during the testing. Many people bring along a favorite CD or cassette tape. You are welcome to do so.

A parent can sit with their child and hold the child’s hand during the testing. 

Prior Studies
Let us know if you have had any prior surgery and/or other diagnostic procedures on the body part that we will be scanning. We will make arrangements to get your prior studies and reports for the radiologist to use as a comparison with your MRI exam. If we know a day or so before your scheduled MRI, we can have the prior study available, this will keep us from delaying your MRI report to your referring physician.

We’ve done everything we can to make your MRI a pleasant experience. MRI is one of the best non-invasive diagnostic tools your physician has to help recommend the appropriate treatment for you. Paradigm Imaging is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality MRI services. We offer very flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. At Paradigm Imaging, we set aside time just for you, so please make every effort to keep your appointment. However, if you are unable to keep your appointment, please call us as soon as you can at (985) 882-4500.

Please note: Before the MRI procedure, you will be asked to fill out a screening form asking about anything that might create a health risk or interfere with imaging. You will also undergo an interview by a member of the MRI facility to ensure that you understand the questions on the form. Even if you have undergone an MRI procedure before at this or another facility, you will still be asked to complete an MRI screening form.